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Posting Uploaded Pictures

  1. Help! I can upload a picture, but when I click "Send to Editor, I get a little message int he bottom of my browser that there was an error and nothing happens. Any ideas?

  2. Ideas
    (1) Force clear your browser repeatedly. Then start again. (On a pc hold down crtl an click F5).
    (2) Consult the FAQs blog and be sure you are using the correct uploading approach.
    (3) Optimize the images before uploading (FAQs blog covers this).
    (4) Reduce the size of the photos you are posting.

  3. Clear your browser's cache first and then do a forced reload of the page you're looking at. Usually that will fix it. :)

    We're thinking that there was a recent upgrade of the editors or the upload script. There's a few threads within the last few days concerning issues like this. happened last time too when an upgrade was done.

  4. winewithdinner

    I'm sorry, but those ideas do not seem to be doing the trick. Any other ideas? I have IE 6.0, can the browser I am using be an issue?

  5. I'm having the same problem. I can upload the picture fine but can't get it to send to the editor. I've cleared the cache, forced reloaded the page and restarted my computer multiple times with the same result.

    I've also tried different pictures of varying sizes and still 'no go'.


  6. winewithdinner

    Well, I don't know what is wrong with IE, but I downloaded Firefox 2 and it worked fine.

  7. I'm using IE 6 and it just worked fine for me.

  8. WEIRD! very weird but it's good to know you both overcame. :)

  9. Where do you perform the uplaod? When I am in the upload window and click Browse I expect to be able to access my hard drive and pull an image. But nothing happens. What am I missing?

  10. I cant post a picture in the comment deletes the code everytime is this blog setting?

  11. @teophilus,
    Hi there I answered this in the other post you made on the same subject
    Would you please only post into one thread on any given topic in the future? Thanks in advance. :)

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