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Posting via email

  1. Hi! Do the latest versions of WordPress allow you to post on the blog via email?

    P.S. I'm using a blog on

  2. Unfortunately the blog by email option isn't available. Yet.

    I say yet because it has been hinted in the past that this may become an option in the future.

    If you've got a laptop or want offline compositionthen can I suggest W Bloggar (

    It's a download to your PC, but will allow you to compose posts offline and then upload them when you next have an active internet connection.



  3. well is the feature in the webmaster's version currently? (the version which you upload, etc, etc yourself)

  4. Yes it is.

  5. May I suggest the wp gadget

    And the performancing extension for firefox

    Both are excellent ways of posting without having to log in to everytime.

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