Posting via email into two blogs simultaneusly doesn't work

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    I would like to get the same posting into two different blogs simultaneusly by sending one email. This works in Blogger but doens’t seem to work in What I end up getting is two identical postings in the first blogs and no posting at the second (the order of the secret email addresses in the email recipient list). This looks like a bug to me. I tested this by sending emails from three different clients, and the same thing happed everytime. Is this a known problem?



    WordPress staff have said that if you have a blog here which is just a duplicate of another one, one of the two must be set to Private or it will be suspended.

    So I’d say it’s not a problem per se. It’s a feature.


    Thank you for your answer. I don’t want to have dublicate blogs, just some posts which are identical in two blogs. If posting to two blogs simultaneusly was disabled for some purpose, shouldn’t it work so that there would be just one post in the first one and nothing in the second? The current functionality of getting the same post twice in the first blog seems to be a bug…? I would be happy even if this feature was enabled only for private blogs but currently it doesn’t work for them either…

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