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    I’m trying to do more blog posting via email than via the web and am having issues with the pictures in my email, not appearing in the blog post itself.

    I know you can include a picture by attaching it to the email, causing the picture to appear at the bottom of the post.

    1) Anyway to make the attachment appear elsewhere in the blog?

    If I INSERT a pic into my email, it does not appear when the blog is posted to my site.

    1) What am I doing wrong when using this method?
    2) How do I correct this?

    Any help you can suggest is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I do not have any assistance I can offer beyong what the support documentation states. I’m posting so that this thread will appear on the front page of the forum where hopefully another Volunteer or Staff will be able to answer your questions.



    Thank you. Much appreciated!



    You’re welcome. Hopefully someone else will be along soon to help with this.

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