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    I just now discovered by accident that there is apparently now a way to make blog posts via email. (I’m sure everyone else knew this already and I was just oblivious :-) ) I made a test post to my secondary blog (and deleted it). Works like a charm, at least for my other blog.

    But, I’m wondering if there is a way to instruct the blog in terms of what categories or tags I want to use for the post? Or are all emailed-posts automatically no-frill posts? My test post (naturally) went up “uncategorized” and with no tags etc. (since I didn’t see a way to supply them in my email). I can see that maybe being okay for emergency posts that have to go up right now at a moment when I don’t have good web access. But if I wanted it to have topic categories, tags, a description/excerpt, etc., do I assume correctly that I would then have to log in later (after I had web access again) to add them then? Or is there another way?

    Or is there a set of instructions somewhere for posting via email that I’ve overlooked? I missed the original announcement for this feature so I’m afraid I’m ignorant here.

    Thanks (primary blog) (secondary blog)

    The blog I need help with is



    Sure there is and you can find the very helpful support doc at


    Oops. My bad. I should have checked under “WordPress Support” before I came to forums (I was initially confused by the different options for seeking assistance, I don’t do it very often)

    For anyone else who had been wondering the same thing, I found the instructions I need at:





    Thanks, Justjennifer — looks like our comments crossed in cyberspace.

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