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Posting via XML-RPC not working

  1. Remote posting not working got the following error.

    "An error occurred - 500:You are not allowed to do that."

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Remote posting not working got the following error.

    Also get the following errors for few accounts.

    "32300:transport error - HTTP status code was not 200"

    "403:Incorrect username or password."

  3. This is the same error we are encountering. Have you had any response prasannarajak?

  4. Here at XML-RPC is always enabled by default so you don't need to enable it. I'll flag this thread for Staff assistance.

    These applications may ask for something like an XML-RPC (or API) endpoint, which will be your blog domain followed by “xmlrpc.php". So, for example, if your blog was at, your endpoint would be:

  5. We got this error "403:Incorrect username or password." for the blog We can able to login using the same username and password to, but for XMLRPC not working. This is happened from 20 November . Before it is working fine.

  6. Please be sure you're logging in with your username, rather than an email address. Let me know if this helps.

  7. I'm investigating this further and will keep you posted.

    vawwordpress - I've also replied in your other thread.

  8. Hi kathrynwp,

    Thanks for your reply.

    When using the email address and try the "wp.getCategories" method got the following error message:

    "403:Incorrect username or password.",

    And when using the username instead of email address and try the "metaWeblog.newPost" method got the following error message:

    "500:You are not allowed to do that."

    Please do the necessary, we can not post from 20 November, before is is working fine.


  9. Hi kathrynwp,

    The user posting was success with the OAuth method using the api token.


    Please advise.

  10. I also have the same problem now.

  11. We have the same problem as well. Please fix this ASAP.

    You cannot retire or cripple the XML-RPC API because stand-alone sites must provide that API. OAuth for standalone installations will never work because no web service is going to register its application with each individually installed blog.

  12. This thread is tagged for a Staff response.

  13. sigum1962123 - your site was suspended for violations of our Terms of Service. If you have any questions, please contact our TOS team by filling out the form here:

  14. mikabrwn - for which site(s) are you having trouble posting via XML-RPC? I looked at but there's only one post. Thanks.

  15. One of our user experienced the same issue. Her blog is here:

  16. spundge - the issue with that site should now be fixed. Let me know if you still have the problem.

  17. ofdustandkings

    Hi Kathryn!

    I am now having the same problem with my site

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  18. ofdustandkings - could you please start a new thread and tag it with modlook. Let us know exactly by what mechanism you're posting via XML-RPC. If you're using a script, please post the entire script in a Pastebin - - and provide a link to it. Thanks.

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