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    Currently it is not possible to download videos directly from my PS4, so I have to download video’s to my own personal Facebook account and then download those files to upload them to YouTube.

    Unfortunately I am having increasing problems on YouTube with the copyright issues that have been in the media recently and was wondering, As part of my blog is there a limit on size and length of video I could post as part of my blog, and also considering the footage has been taken from live playing of the game is there likely to be any issues with copyright that I may find problems with.

    There’s no real problem if there is as it is just an idea at the moment to add videos to my blog and to hopefully bring in more subscribers, but it’s not something that is really essential but rather something I think would help.

    The blog I need help with is




    Are you referring to your own videos? Why would copyright be an issue if they are your videos?

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