posting while offline?

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    I’m going on a long trip in which I will have no internet access. I would like to still make regular bog entries that I can upload at a later date. Is this possible?


    Get an offline blog editor such as Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk for windows (both free), or Ecto for Mac (around $20).

    The other possibility is to just write your posts in a text editor such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac, save them to your desktop or something and then when you get back just copy and paste them into the WP editor.



    Sure. Download and install Windows Live Writer (if you are on a PC) and write to your heart’s content. When you get back, just connect and upload the posts.

    There are other off-line blog editors out there as well. Search the forums.



    Thank you both for your responses. Will I be able to organize photo galleries that will still upload as wordpress galleries?

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