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Posting Wirelessly

  1. I'll receive my Nokia 9300 tomorrow, and I thought posting to WordPress wirelessly would be nice.

    I'm not familiar with that technical stuff, so I wonder if there is a direct small RSS-like form instead of the Write Post page?

    I hope this is not confusing.


  2. no small direct input form I am aware about, no blog from e-mail, but this smartphone is equipped with a HTML 4.01/xHTML compliant web browser.

    just head it to your WP dashboard and tell/blog us later (may be even wirelessly) about your experience on how comfortable it was.

  3. Gonna try this soon!

  4. I've come across a promising website that automatically resizes websites for mobile viewing.

    - Your WP blog:
    - Write Post:

    On the very top, click on 'Settings' and choose dimensions of your PDA/phone, images (yes or no), image quality,..etc

    Haven't tried that on my phone yet, but it looks promising.

  5. looks good.

    just keep in mind your WP password will be available to, found no Privacy Policy out there.

  6. Yes I noticed that.

    Anyways, I've managed to post through it to WP (check my blog), but I had to confirm I was about to enter a 'secure page' or something like that. I think this is related to WP security features, cause I did not get this message when I had tried to post to Blogger.

  7. Are there any plans for like an... official version of mobile blogging?

  8. Would be nice, even a simple blog via email solution.

  9. Matt has mentioned that an email to blog option will be available in the future as a paid option.

  10. Uhh. And what about some sort of XHTML, or WAP interface? With Opera Mini, for example, it's quite difficult and uncomfortable to write a single post.

  11. bluejaunte:
    can you see what's asked in the first paragraph right after 'admin' navbar but long before 'Post' textarea on the 'Write Post' page in the Opera Mini?

    is your smartphone LifeBlog compatible?

    they promise:

    "to make mobile blogging seamless and simple for everyone from beginners to seasoned bloggers.

    It's Easy to Blog with Lifeblog"

  12. series 60 (and some windophones) camera-phones' owners would also benefit from using a PicoBlogger to post photos and videos into blogs of theirs.

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