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Posting with Windows Live Writer

  1. Using Windows Live Writer to upload a new post, all is well. However, after a while the uploaded pictures suddenly disappear and I have to upload them again, using the WordPress editor.
    Can anything be done about that?

  2. With regular WordPress, probably since you can work in FTP access. With, probably not since this is a shared environment and FTP access is not allowed due to security concerns.

  3. So anyone using and Windows Live Writer has this problem?

  4. I tried Windows Live Writer and ended up preferring BlogDesk which I was orignally using. Previous to the first week of August I had no difficulty at all uploading pictures through BlogDesk but then I developed the same problem you are describing and I reported it in this thread twice

  5. So anyone using and Windows Live Writer has this problem?

    To be honest, I couldn't tell you for sure but since most offsite posting software that I've come across uses FTP to transfer an actual file, I'm assuming that this is the case as well here. Usually with the off site posters, you ahve to setup ftp access within the config of the software as well.

    The three major APIs that allow posting (ie blogger, moveabletype, and meta) don't handle file transfers either.

    You could always use a service like flickr that also allows hotlinking and just use that.

    Again, it's a security matter more than anything. With the regular single user WordPress, you have complete control over the files. With the multiuser version that runs this website, it's a shared environment and that includes the file directories.

  6. @drmike,
    In my case it worked with zero problems before the first week of August but does not after. So I have sent in a feedback with a link to this thread because what that indicates to me is that something was changed in the backend here.

  7. I really do not understand why the picture is visible for a few hours and then suddenly disappears. The uploading is not the problem. Something happens afterwards.

  8. Can we see an example please?

    I'm wondering if it's a cache issue in some way since it's there so a few hours.

  9. See an example? How do I do that?

  10. @drmike
    hmmm so you want an example of an image that disappeared well, that could be tough but with all little magic ;) [you're just kidding, I hope or else we're in serious trouble *lol*]

    Check out my last two messages in this following thread again please because they were the closest I ever came to providing an "example" of anticipated image disappearance.

    The main point is that within an hour of being successfully uploaded by the other editors (BlogDesk and Windows Live Writer) the images are disappearing. This suggests that the code that creates the images is being stripped out by wordpress programming for some unknown reason (it does not contain javascript).

    The secondary point is that although Windows Live Writer is new BlogDesk is not and this problem did not exist with images uploaded by BlogDesk prior to approximately the 1st week of August.

    This suggests that something changed at the wordpress end of things at that time. That's why I sent in a feedback and why I expect the others experiencing problems to do likewise.

  11. So far I have only posted one post with pictures using Windows Live Writer. The picture uploaded fine and has not disappeared. I'll keep an eye out for a possible problem with this, though.

  12. The problem I had with BlogDesk images disappearing has been resolved. Because I was having the problem what I did was continued to upload them through BloDesk and then after the posts were published on my blog I simply edited the files and uploaded the posts into the wordpress server and saved. I did *NOT* actually send them to the editor in the posts themselves, if you take my meaning. Perhaps the problem was that they weren't being stored on the wordpress server and hence were stripped.

    hmmmm I may not be expressing this well so I hope you get what I'm saying.

  13. I have been using Windows Live Writer for a while now, and like some of the other posters in this thread, I haven't had many issues with pictures disappearing until recently. Because the support for setting categories in Windows Live Writer doesn't work right, I end up publishing the blog post from WLW, then I go to to add in the categories. Well, for the last couple posts I did today, the pictures would be uploaded just fine, but as soon as I edit the post, the pictures disappear. I think part of the issue could be that sometimes image file names have square bracket characters in them, i.e. image[1].png, so perhaps once you go into editing mode on, those square brackets get stripped out or converted into garbage characters somehow?

    What is strange about this is that the disappearing pictures used to be an intermittent occurrence when I started using Windows Live Writer. But today it happened twice in a row, and is likely to happen again in a future post. I don't know why WLW has to add square brackets to the file names, so that's partially their fault. But perhaps the WordPress HTML editor could be fixed so that it doesn't strip out square brackets?

  14. hi guys
    been using live writer for 2 weeks now
    but i stopped yesterday

    easier to use the rich text editor somehow
    avoid all the annoying problems

    problems are:
    1. after editing with live, upload, the picture is missing
    i think this is due to the ftp problem etc.
    always have to switch back n forth from live to rich editor

    2. sometimes the left to right space arent always the same when u actualy type it. im not sure how to adjust them. im talking when u are using image from some url, and the aligment just woops left and right although u already make sure the image is to stay one place in live.

    most of the things are not consistent
    and maybe its in beta stage -thats why

    but have to say to avoid annoyance
    ill stick to rich text for now till i find one new

  15. Try BlogDesk. It's free and it's easy to use.

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