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    I’m new to WordPress and find this confusing.
    How do I know which page I am posting on?
    Say I have 2 pages one for ‘poems’ and one for ‘rants’ how do I know a rant isn’t going to go in poems and/or vice versa? I also tried Importing posts from my Blogger blog and they all went on the wrong page.
    I made a new page entitled poems, clicked import and all the imported posts went on my main page, the import worked fine just wrong page, so I deleted the lot page, tags and posts.
    Is there a button to press, a link, something that will make sure my posts go on the correct page?
    If I can get the posts on the correct page I’ll try again
    <i>I can manage to type on a “new” page its just the import that went wrong.</i>



    Is your blog a blog? I ask because your username links to a site off WordPress, so i just wanted to be sure.

    If you are with, first – welcome! To answer your question, you only have one blog page on which is capable of displaying all your posts. They all appear on the dynamic front page of your blog; that’s something we can’t change.

    Individual pages are a bit different; they’re static and exist outside the structure of the blog, which makes them great for something like an about page or poetry or fiction, but they’re separate to posts. To create a page you go to Dashboard > Write > Write Page. Pages aren’t the same as posts so you shouldn’t have too many problems if you use them separately.

    If you find there are posts from your import that you’d rather have as a page, just create a new page and copy and paste your content into it, then delete the post; that’ll keep them separate. I hope that’s clear enough. Here are some resources some people new to WordPress find useful. And happy blogging. :)



    Oh my link does go to my site and not my WordPress OH now how did I do that?? Hmmm ok it should be this
    I looked at those links before posting here and they didn’t help, its ok I’m so totally confuddled think I’ll just leave it. I’ve got feeds up to my Blogger pages anyway so it doesn’t matter



    How do I know which page I am posting on?

    Unless you change it the only dynamic page is your front page. Only one page in a blog, usually the front page but this can be changed, will automatically update with the new posts you make. No other pages will automatically update. This is what cjwriter has explained above.

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