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Postings Diverted to Spam Filter.

  1. Hi .. I am a frequent comment on a WordPress Blog ( Recently, all of my comments have been diverted to the Spam Filter, according to the Blog moderator. She says the Spam Filter is biased against comments which contain links--which my comments typically do. This Blog is about education, so there are numerous WEB-sites to share with interested parties, or to justify points-of-view in the discussion.

    Once or twice a day I have taken to email the moderator to check the Filter and soon after she somehow is able to make these postings appear. However, the fact that they are not instantaneously posted makes the process tedious.

    This diversion also has happened with smaller postings that don't contain links.

    Was wondering if someone could look at this and give us some idea what is going on

    Note -- there seems to be at least a couple of other comments about this problem. I don't think this is fixed.

  2. Akismet is flagging you as spam, possibly based on your IP address (given that comments without links don't get through either). That blog author needs to just keep marking your comments as not spam. Eventually Aksimet should learn that you're ok.

  3. Thanks for the comment.

    Since the behavior of Akismet is more-or-less opposite of what you have described, I have made a request for support to Akismet to see what they say.

  4. Care to post a link to some of these comments please? Maybe we'll see something there that may be causing the issue. (The IP address seems clean)

  5. Is it going to Akismet or to moderation? There is a difference. There are different options you can set for comments to go to moderation. One is based on number of links in a comment.

    All comments on my blogs go to moderation because I like to approve them before they get posted. Spam stuff (links to medication and ummm... adult sites and the like) get dumped into Akismet as spam.

  6. Almost all of the comments by "Wayne Martin" ended up in the Spam Filter:

    > Is it going to Akismet or to moderation?

    This is a good question. I am not the moderator of the Blog, but I will ask her.

    There was a change in the behaviour of this problem within the past few weeks.
    Up until recently, when there was a "hold for links" condition, there was a message at the bottom of the comment that it was "Awaiting Moderator" (or words to that effect). When the high diversion was noticed, this message went away.

    I have noticed that if I insert blanks (' ') in the URL for the first 5-6 characters, then the Spam Filter detection for a link is frustrated. I haven't done that in all cases--perhaps I should.

  7. I think if any of the comments contained a link, most likely it'll go directly to akismet. Am I missing something?

  8. It's a self hosted blog (look at the bottom of it) so the rules we see here at may or may not apply. I have no idea what the self hosted stuff looks like (I could ask my brother as he has one) but I would be surprised if there wasn't some sort of criteria like we have here with regards to the number of links.

    But if you used to see your comment with "awaiting moderation" and now they're not showing up at all, then they're probably getting dumped in Akismet.

    Wayne, if you want to leave a test comment on one of my blogs I can see if it gets dumped in moderation or Akismet. You might find my esl one more to your liking... as the one linked to my user name is a bit more personal.

  9. >

    OK .. I've posted a short comment and a long one. The short one shows a message about waiting for moderation. The long comment seems to have disappeared. Does the Spam Filter counter go up each time a comment is "captured" by the Spam Filter?

  10. The short comment went into moderation. The long one went into Akismet.

    So it must have something to do with the links.

    Interesting part is that the number of spams Akismet says it caught *didn't* go up. It's still on 6.

    My moderation options are set such that "Hold a comment in the queue if it contains 0 or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)"

    I can adjust that number if it would help in testing this. The blog is fairly new so I'm not worried about getting flooded with spam in the next few days.

    [edit]I've got some other stuff to test out for an admin friend of mine. I'll wander back over here in a few hours.[/edit]

  11. I opened a WordPress Account and tried to unravel this mystery myself.

    I found that the comment went directly to Askimet on my Blog, so I decided to reduce the size of it. I found that there is a character limit at 3,000 characters with the links. Without the links, a comment somewhat larger than 3,000 characters was accepted and posted.

    I noticed that even though I elected to declare each of these 3K+ postings as “not-spam”, that didn’t keep Askimet from latching on to the next posting. I’ve noticed that WordPress does a comment comparison against previous postings to detect duplication, so I’m not certain if my deleting each posting somehow got in the way of any “learning” that was going on. It would appear that the Links + text exceeding the 3K limit probably overrides any “learning”. I noticed too that even though I was logged in as myself, this fact didn’t seem to matter to the Spam Filtering process.

    I went back to the original Blog and was cut the comment into two parts—one 29xx and the other less than 200 characters. The long comment was accepted, but went to “Moderation”. The short post went in directly.

    My conclusion is that the “Spam Filter” is not likely to be very friendly to anything but small posts. My experiments have provided slightly inconsistent results, particularly since I was posting under my own username on my own Blog. (There usually are special cases that programmers code into large systems for various special cases/privileges which they feel are necessary. These special cases don’t always get documented, but you can wander into them from time-to-time.)

    As to what causes a comment to go to “Moderation” —anyone know what those rules are?

    Thanks for your help.


  12. I had occasion to post on the original Blog a few minutes ago. This time a short post with two links. It disappeared. I went to my own Blog and this comment posted without problem. I went back to the original Blog where I tried again, this time with blanks inserted in the first few characters of the URL. This time the comment posted, and was not flagged as a duplicate.

    All-in-all, a lot of inconsistency in the responses.

  13. @wmartin46
    The long and short of this situation is that volunteers answering questions on the forum cannot help you. We could discuss this at length but no solution could be provided. You need to leave a comment on the Akismet blog specifying your difficulties in order to get the assistance of staff. Here's the link
    Best wishes. :)

  14. I did contact them earlier today. As yet, no response.

  15. Support runs on UK time, so he was probably asleep.

  16. @wmartin46
    I'm glad to hear you have contacted staff. As raincoaster says Mark is on UK time so although your situation is very frustrating all you can do is to be patient. Best wishes for a happy outcome. :)

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