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Postings used witout permission

  1. I have only been here a few days and already my postings have been stolen and put on some website that is stealing postings to use as [email redacted] is hosted with wordpress..i am not even listed in Google Blogs yet but my postings are there on this site in Google Blog search..that is so unfair..although the postings lead back to my blog i have not given them permission to do this, and why should they make money from me and everyone else, just from stealing postings that they have no copyright do i stop it please??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Content theft what to do:
    How to Prevent content theft:

    I've been the victim of content theft myself before and I know how dam annoying it is.


  3. Thank you..but i read all that when i joined and i have it clearly stated on my blog that copying is strictly forbidden and will result in prosecution, and that no permission is ever given to copy, and i also have a copyscape banner..i'm beginning to wonder if there's any point as that has obviously had no effect at the way i have not allowed trackbacks so this was just plain other word for it..Thank you anyway for taking the time to answer.

  4. @rainbowsoul - The link you gave to the other site causes one of my email clients to open. What is the url of the site? Are you certain it's hosted by or did the footer say Powered by WordPress? If the latter, it's not hosted here and there's nothing can do.

    But you can do things - search the forum for splogs, sploggers, scrape, dmca and copyright for starters.

    Copyscape is great for helping you to find your content on other sites, but it won't stop a determined thief. My entire blog has been stolen more than once -- including the copyscape badge and all my other copyright notices. You don't really think a thief cares about that, do you?

  5. Hi there, the first link lorawow gave you explained what you can do. At the end of the day we all know a banner won't do anything, you just have to make sure that you follow the steps and go against them.

    Good luck!

  6. I see i have made an eeror..yes it does say powered by wordpress..i'm new to all this so thought that meant it was hosted at wordpress..sorry for that mistake..From what you say about content theft i'm begining to wonder if i've done the right thing by starting this blog!! and no, i don't think a thief cares about copyright notices, therefore what is the point in adding them if they are not protecting my content??..Thank you for the help, i need a long think now about whether to continue or delete my blog

  7. The way I see it you shouldn't get discouraged by it. Yeah, it's annoying having content stolen and I think we've all been through it, but blogging can be rewarding and real people will be more interested in you than a splog.

  8. /nod to cat

    @rainbowsoul - Without being able to see the duplicated content, and going by your statement that it leads back to your blog, it sounds as if you've been scraped, or splogged. You can still take action.

    I understand your dismay. One purpose of a copyright notice is to make clear to generally-honest people that your site is not under a Creative Commons license. Too many people seem to think CC means "help yourself" without bothering to read the terms.

  9. carocat...Thank you for your encouraging's just a bit upsetting because i'm not even listed yet in Google Blogs as i'm new..but my content is there, just not on MY blog..i understand that everyone has probably had content stolen at some point, it's just that i'm not even listed yet.

  10. Yeah, trust me, I fully understand, just don't get discouraged by it.

    *waves at Ella*

  11. ellaella...i removed my postings that had been copied to this site, and then i re-posted them on my blog, so that the link could be broken, but the titles are still in the listings..i thought i gave the correct URL for the site, but i'm not is
    http://%5Bemail redacted]
    that's what is in my referrals and i clicked on it for it to take me to the site...yes i think i was either scraped or splogged, although i'm not entirely sure what that is!!

  12. That's strange, it takes me to a site about Joomla..

    Could you take a screenshot of the stolen content?

  13. do i do that??? sorry to sound dim but i have no idea what you mean

  14. Have a look here, it's a pretty good explanation:

    And to upload the image you can either upload it to your blog

    OR use another site, like Imageshack:


  15. if you type in..Monochrome Tree Sketch in google blog search it is on the top of the [email redacted]
    It is my posting and I deleted the posting and re-posted it to break the link as i've already mentioned, but it is still listed

  16. I seem to keep adding the URL incorrectly as when i add it it gets highlighted in blue but also highlights other words..sorry about that.

  17. Off-topic (sorry):
    Carocat, since when did you became a moderator?!

  18. Yeah that's the blog...what is it??? and why does it have my postings on it aswell as thousands of others!!

  19. It's a splog.


    Hosted by HostGator, a splog hosted by hostgator stole my content before, hostgator requires you to send them a DCMA via fax or letter.

    The DCMA format can be found here:

  21. What i don't understand is why this is allowed until the copyright owner finds it and then has to go to all the bother of getting it removed...that's infuriating...At least now i know what a splog is!!!...thank you for all your help you've been very patient with a newbie.

  22. It is not allowed, but it's like driving through a red light. It's "allowed" until someone tells you that you have to pay a fee.

  23. Sadly, there are those out there that simply don't care (or don't understand) about copyright and feel anything on the web is theirs for the taking. Welcome to the reality that is the internet. It is up to the copyright owner to do the searching and such to make sure that their stuff is not being stolen.

  24. Once again thank you...yes i see your point about it being my job to deal with it, as it's my content, but i would never steal from anyone, and i guess being new i have a lot to learn as i am still very naiive and i realise now the internet world is just like reality...harsh!!

  25. You can also take a look at the copyscape guides:

    The internet is indeed like the harsh reality, if not worse.

  26. lorawow...thank have been very helpful, as you all have...the only problem is that now i'm nervous about adding any new postings!! But as they say, you have to get straight back on the horse, so i shall try later...Thank you everyone, it's good to know you are so helpful to newbies, making it a bit less daunting!!

  27. You're welcome.

  28. Also keep in mind that many are automated and automatically add things from RSS feeds. Splogs are annoying, but it's what we've got to put up with.

    @lorawow - Couple of days. :)

  29. I've had two blog entries stolen by this website.

    the odd thing is, I found out that my blog entries were stolen because whoever did it, posted a comment on them with the links, which strangely enough actually link back to my original blog entries. It looks like they are completely automated, but they are purely there to make money because the pages are plastered in ads. There's nothing I can really do, because there are no contacts, but it's kind of annoying!

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