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Postings used witout permission

  1. Of course there's something you can do. You can find out where the site is hosted and have it taken down, you can report it to the site supplying the ads; if it's Google Adsense, they'll lose their account, including their money.

    Check out and for suggestions.

  2. I have also been stolen from repeatedly recently.

    Several times (at least 5 times) here:
    Once here:

    I've sent away two letters of infringement - it clearly says in each of my posts and at the top of the site that my work is strictly not to be used by others. I suppose it's time to play the waiting game now.

  3. @rainbowsoul

    I use to get discouraged when I was new here when a splog
    would steal my content but now I just look at as a article
    promotion since legit readers will find your article through
    these splogs. ;)

  4. So, are splogs illegally copying your posts?

  5. @faelenath

    Correct Splogs illegally copy other peoples posts.

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