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Posts & their comments not opening

  1. Many of our catagory posts and their comments are not opening (showing error 404 messages) where previously, there was content

  2. One post I've written and published yesterday has not yet shown up. When I tried to re-publish it and also wrote a new post, both still haven't shown up this morning. Really, really bad delays?

  3. Sounds like you guys should send a feedback; this sounds like something that WordPress staff need to fix.

    I'm assuming that you've cleared out your cache and reloaded the page?

  4. Never mind, they just showed up. But I'm wondering if folks using the web-access version of WordPress are seeing significant delays over the past two days?

  5. You're both coming in from Comcast and are about 20 miles apart if Comcast has their rDNS correct. May be a bad proxy load.

  6. I'm not sure how to post to 38 pitches blog. I login but it's not obvious how to post. Can someone help?

  7. I'm not clear if you're are talking about making a post on the blog or leaving a comment on a post there. And as you haven't clearly expressed which of the two is your problem I assume you will benefit from viewing these tubetorials. :)
    Intro to wordpress
    Editing your sidebar
    Presentation themes

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