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    On site meter I noticed that one of my readers viewed every post on my blog this afternoon, 59 to date in under 21 minutes. Not sure what to make of this visitor. May have been a speed reader, but I was wondering if anyone has had the experience of having all their posts read at a single setting? Do I need to be suspicious of this type activity? Any suggestions. Thanks.



    It could be a user just wanting to ‘skim’ or ‘speed read’ your site. A search engine bot wouldn’t take that long, so I am assuming it is just a user. I wouldn’t be suspicious about that activity, just must be a fan.




    G’evening Craig (/nod to Trent)
    I have too many posts for anyone to read them all in one sitting … lol… even me and I am a speedreader. However, I have had readers spend up to 45 minutes on my blog and like Trent I do not think there’s anything to be worried about. Have a great weekend. :)


    Thanks for you input. Happy Easter to all.

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