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  1. I don't understand how to keep the most recent posts at the top of the page.
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,

    By default, your most recent posts are put at the top of your posts page.

    If you have one or two posts you want to stay at the top (such as notices or special news), you can use the 'Sticky' function to keep them at the top:

  3. Thank you for taking time to reply to me, coffeemanmatt. But for some reason the replies on my site keep adding onto the bottom of the list.

    Ah, maybe that's my problem. I have a page on my website that is for my writers web friends. They add what they want to say on the replies. Is there a way to get the replies to post at the top of that page?

  4. Those are Comments, not posts. Maybe what you want to do is register an entirely different blog using hte P2 theme, and link to it from a custom header. It's quite forum-like and may serve what you're looking for, or you could just go find a free forum hosting service and link to that instead. The only alternative is to make them all Contributors, and that's messy.

  5. Thank you raincoaster. If I change to a hte P2 theme can what I have on this website be exported to it?

  6. Yes. You can do it yourself under Tools->Export.

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