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Posts & Address Change

  1. I am brand new to this thing called WordPress, having just read about it yesterday in the Creating Web Pages For Dummies book I borrowed from my library. Yesterday I set up my account and published my first post. Everything went fine. Today, I tried to publish a photo but when I attempted to view it on the WordPress home page, I am unable to find it. How long does it take for something to get posted? Yesterday, it seemed to get posted immediately.

    I also have a question about how to change my address. I thought I did so because when I view my post from yesterday, it seemed like the change was made, but just now in the "select the blog you need help with," my old address is listed.

    Thanks for the help!!! Steven

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Steven. When I click on your username, the latest post is called "Flowers #1C". Is that what you are talking about?

    In regards to changing the blog address, is this the procedure you followed?

  3. airodyssey,

    Thanks for responding to my request for help. Flowers #1C is the photo I posted. It showed up on my Facebook page so I assume it was posted, however when I go to the WordPress' homepage and tag Photography I do not see it posted. Am I not doing something right?

    Also, I followed the instructions on how to change my address, but after going to My Blogs under my Dashboard, when I point the mouse at the address I want to change I do not get a Change Blog Address option. Again, am I not doing something right?

    Thanks for the help!!! Steven

  4. I can't find your "Flowers 1C" post anymore. Either you changed the blog linked to your username or you deleted that post. In any case, here's an explanation and a workaround in regards to the "missing picture" issue: (see note 3)

    In regards to changing an address: I see you sent a request to staff on the topic, but since they haven't reviewed it yet, I cannot read it.
    (That was going to be my next tip: to contact staff if you are still experiencing issues)

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