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Posts and images: removing old versions of post

  1. I would like to delete images that i am not using from my media library.

    I am having some problems in doing it, because i have images that appear linked to a post, when i am not displaying them in the final version of that post!
    Maybe it's beacuse i attachee it to that post, in a previuos version of that post.
    So, how can i delete previous version of my post? (My post are public)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's no such thing as "deleting a previous version of your post".

    First go to Media > Library. What does it say under the heading? You're using how much of your upload limit?

  3. 10%.
    At the moment i do not have a lot of photos, but i will have.

    And at the moment there is a lot of mess in my media-library.
    As i have photos that seem attached (but i am not using).
    I would like to know ho organize myself also for the future.

    Should i use 'copy post?' (Never used it) before publishing a post ( and canceling the old one?

    In think that in a short time i will go on host... I do not know if this can help.


  4. a) Yes, any photo you uploaded via the Add Media tool of a post will appear as attached to that post, even if you never inserted it into the post or if you inserted it then deleted it. If you're sure which these images are, you can delete them.

    b) But since you've only used 10% of the available storage space, you needn't really bother.

    c) What you need to do is avoid wasting your storage space like you've being doing. (To give you a counter example, in my tests blog I have uploaded more than a thousand images so far, and they've only taken up 8% of the space). Don't upload the huge files your digital camera produces: use an image editing application (or an online tool) to downsize them to the exact pixel width you prefer on the posts and upload these copies instead of the original files. Storage space apart, this will also mean faster loading of your pages, and better quality on the post (because images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness).

  5. Ok. I will change the size of photos I am using.

    Last question: at the moment i am working with i-pad that gives to the photos I have names like image1, image2, etc.
    Then, i upload the photo in wp, and I give it a Title, Description, etc. In my Media Library, but I am not able any more to change the name of file.
    Should I change the name of the file, in order to receive more visits (more traffic on my site/blog?), or it's not used? I am not using Urls for most of my photos.

    Thank you!

  6. You're welcome.

    If you enter a descriptive title yourself, that's ok, because it's automatically turned intto the alt text in the code (which is what search engines look for).

  7. Hi justpi...
    I am trying with no success to downsize my photos.
    Could you help me a little more?

    Should I change size in my camera? ( i can choose 8M, 3:2, 5M, 3M, vga, 16:9) or should i use an online tool to downsize them (which? and to what format?)

    Please note that i would like to use these photos also in the showcase header (which as i remeber shows photos of a certain dimension)

    Thank you!

  8. The slider requires images that are 750px wide (or larger).

    The best image editing application is Photoshop, but it's not free.
    Of free alternatives, I'm told that Gimp is good (but I haven't tried it myself).
    One online tool could be this:

  9. Thank you!
    Very helpful. As I am moving on hosting, and at the beginning i had problems with my theme as my images where too big, or of bad dimension!

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