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  1. I was there a way to make your pages transfer over into the posts. I've realized I want all that I write in posts and not both posts and pages. Does this make sense and is there any way I can get my pages over into my posts in order of the day I wrote them?

  2. (1) Please post a link to your blog when you post to the forum so we can see what you are referring to and be sure that it is a that is at issue.

    Posts and pages are not the same and there is no automatic way to transfer the data from pages to posts or visa versa. You must copy and paste it. And when you copy and paste you must change the date/timestamp on each entry to indicate the original date prior to publishing.

  3. Oh sorry.

    Ok..thanks for the help! :O)

  4. You're welcome. :

    If you would like to link your blog to your username you can do this easily. Go up to the right hand corner of this forum thread and find " Welcome ab39, View your profile". Click on "View your profile", then click on "edit this information". Scroll down to "website" and enter your blog url into the field. Then click "Update Profile" to save the change.

    Happy blogging :)

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