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    I have a complete block on the subject of Posts and Pages (and feel somewhat stupid as a result!)
    I have begun a blog for the purpose of promoting my property that I am selling. I want to tell the story about this property in a sequence of posts that run one after the other (hopefully with the oldest first) as in Capter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3 etc. so that a reader can just start at the top and read down. Each “chapter” is a blurb on some subject and gets written over time – a book in process.
    Do I:
    a) create a sequence of posts and hope that WordPress knows how to join them all togther in a sequential read as I write them or
    b) just keep adding to a “chapter” onto the the post or
    c) set up each chapter as a page (its static information) so that WordPress will display the pages (chapters) in sequence.
    Hope that makes sense to someone!

    The blog I need help with is



    A blog is, essentially, a reverse chronological publishing tool. Posts are entries that display in reverse chronological order on your blog’s front page. Posts are included in category lists, archives, and feeds. Posts are always associated with a date, which is included in the URL.

    Pages are static ans sit outside the blogs structure. They are a good way to publish information that doesn’t change much. Pages appear in the Pages widget and in tabs/links across the top of some themes. Pages are not associated with a date/time like posts, nor can you tag or categorize a page.
    posts vs pages

    Will you please see this entry as it may be what you are looking for?

    See also this Premium theme Chapters as it may suit your purpose. live demo site




    Thank you both. I conclude that the way I want to do this is not really compatible to blogging however, that said, I will try what you very kindly referred me to. I guess this is just a case of having to think differently; sometimes difficult for old guys!!
    Thank you both again.



    Hi again. You’re welcome. :)

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