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Posts are no longer appearing in global tag system

  1. My avatar is now there. But every one of my posts is not showing in the global tag system.
    I even tried to delete and repost

  2. My posts aren't appearing in the global tag system I have tried everything. Help please. My other blog I am having no problems with the tags showing.

  3. Posts aren't showing up in global tags either. Sad panda.


    I did have some posts set to the future but did the edit/save trick. No worky :(

  4. My posts are not showing up in the global tag system today, I wonder if any others out there is having the same problem...

    My blog is:

    Not sure what is really going on, by the way it is the first I have heard about the 12 tag limit for global tagging.


  5. I see that this is flagged "resolved" but my posts aren't showing up. I use categories rather than tags on my posts - is this part of the problem?

  6. The thread is showing Resolved because the original poster's question has been answered. They are the ones who set that.

    Using Categories rather than Tags won't make any difference to whether or not you show in the pages, though.

    shads, I count 17 tags and cats on your latest post. Reduce it to 12 and see what happens.

    jessica, this one has 14 on it:
    And staff now say the Future Post thing should not be a factor in Global Tags and Category Pages. Don't know if having tags and categories the SAME like "food" would cause a problem. Try making a post where they are not the same, just as a test, and see if it shows up.

    livingjourney, this post has way too many tags/cats: Reducing the number might be a start.

    cally, I can't find any reason you wouldn't be listed. Perhaps it's best if you contact staff on Monday.

    You should all also be aware that if Staff have flagged your blog as Mature it will be dropped from the Global listings; links on your posts will go to the Global pages, but you will not appear there. The only way to get that rating un-done is to appeal it by contacting staff directly during office hours.

  7. Thanks raincoaster,

    By the way, how do we know if our blog has been flagged as Mature?

  8. You don't; that's what is so insidious about it. Ask staff and they will tell you, but there is no "dear blogger, you're too dirty for kids, so we took you off the Global pages" email or anything. They may or may not put in a warning system like they do for advertising and ToS violations.

    There is another thing, which I JUST remembered: there's a bug affecting only a few blogs which Staff have reported fixed but what the heck, it can't hurt to try the bug fix. Change your language settings to something else, save that, then change it back. That could be it. Can't find the thread from yesterday right now, but that was a fix for it.

  9. HAhahaha... yeah, thanks heaps raincoaster, the language thing put me back into the global tags.

    Go figure???

    I was beginning to think that I had been marked mature for some obscure reason.

  10. There are actually two threads about this, can only find one:

    Glad to hear it worked. I've been set as Mature myself, only noticed when my hits started falling and I couldn't see myself in the global pages anymore.

  11. I have got the same problem. You can fix my blog? the URL is Thanks for your colaboration, in special to raincoaster...

  12. raincoaster, you're a treasure - the language change did the trick. weird, but neat.

  13. I tried flipping the language and tried doing a post that didn't have a tag and category the same. Not sure which, but I'll assume the language trick cause I'm showing up on all :) Thank you, raincoaster. :) Oh! And I see the "possibly related" stuff now too. Or maybe I hadn't checked for that since it was down yesterday. Awesome! All sorts of goodness!

  14. Hi,
    I reduced my tag count down to 11 and used one category. I'm still not getting any global tag listings at:

    Can this please be checked. It seems many were also caught off guard with this as well.

  15. Wow!

    I was able to get this odd problem fixed...I used the suggested link from raincoaster at

  16. I see you in Boots:

  17. hello, my tags are not showing up either. The address is:

    I don't know if they are working on my other blogs, I will check.

    thank you for any assistance!

  18. my posts are not showing on global tag pages on my blog at

    what do I need to do to fix this, or can you do it please?

  19. this fix worked, thank you very much raincoaster!

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