Posts are no longer appearing in global tag system

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    Mark coulkd you please look into this same issue for my Blog. Posts are not appearing under the tags I assign

    many thanks



    Sorry to bother you Mark, but my latest post isn’t showing up either, could you please look into it?


    I’ll say this again: The combined total number of tags + categories must be 12 or under or you will not appear in the global tags pages.

    People were abusing the pages and assigning in some cases the same 80 tags/categories to their posts, even if they were not relevant, so staff has now limited it.



    thesacredpath, to whom are you referring?


    Everyone who has more than a combined total of 12 tags + categories.


    Mine not working either. Definately less than 12 tags/categories.
    Thanks a ton for any help!!


    Hi Mark, my post isn’t showing up in the global tags as well:


    Hi, my name is Flavia, and my blog is: My posts are not showing up anymore… The two first where at some point, and then disappeared.
    What should I do??



    wait, your whole posts disappeared ? not just their tag ?




    I have the same problem. My main blog is, and anything I post there is fine, and shows up in the global tags, however I started another blog ( to document a project I’m working on, and nothing tagged in it shows up in the global system.

    I double-checked and my combined total tags + categories is less than 12.

    If someone can spare a moment to see what is going on it would be greatly appreciated.




    Thanks Mark, seems to be working fine now :)



    seems to be working for me too (for the 4 tags I tried at last)
    thanks :)



    Mark can someone please respond to my emails. I’ve make use of your contact us page in my Blog. You have a concern about some of our content. Please email me so that we can fix it to be allowed in your tags. Thanks


    this is — My posts are now showing up in the tags, thanks to whomever fixed it!!


    I would like to know if the combined number of tags + categories for each post is 12 or for the entire blog?
    My posts also have not been appearing.
    Can someone please fix it?
    Here is a link to my blog:
    thanks for any help:-)



    It’s 12 per post. But you totally owe me a link at for telling you!



    This 12 tags/categories per post thing can’t be the reason, because if you look at the featured blogs in almost every category, there is way more than 12 tags/categories. Some of them even have more than 40!



    Thank you, Mark! is back in global tags. I could kiss you! Well, you know what I mean.



    I’m having a problem for a page of mine. I parented it under a different page I created, but when I click on the link to go to it, it displays the parent instead of it. This happens if I try to view it from the site or if I view it from the Dashboard; the only time it shows correctly is if I try to edit it, yet even after I re-save it it is still the same way.

    The page it is parented to is:
    The page that I’m trying to fix (the child) is:

    I hope this is a suitable thread to ask this question in…

    Thanks a bunch!



    my blog is only in the global tags when I am loged in, other bloggers can’t see it, is that the same problem?

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