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    My posts are showing up out of order on my blog:

    Here’s some backstory:

    I went back and edited the categories and tags on some older posts this afternoon. The changes looked fine and all the blog posts were in the correct order (chronological by original publication date).

    Then this evening I added a new post. Now all the old posts are out of order. (They seem to be in order of when I updated their categories and tags.) None of the posts are “sticky.”

    How can I get the posts back in chronological order by publication date?


    The blog I need help with is



    Now the posts seem to be in chronological order again.

    Any ideas about why this happened? How can I prevent it from happening again?


    The appear in order to me. All the dates on the posts are in reverse chronological order. I didn’t scroll through all of them, but probably 40 or so.

    Post dates are original publish dates, so editing a post shouldn’t change things.

    Which are out of order?



    Thanks for taking a look! Just a couple minutes before you replied, the posts returned to chronological order. I’m really happy to see them back where they belong, but also confused about why this happened.

    Any thoughts on how I can prevent it from happening again?

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