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    I am having a problem with another blog taking my posts and using them on his/her blog.

    I have posted a comment asking that it not happen and that all posts that originated at my blog be removed and yet today I find yet another post has been taken from my blog.

    I don’t care that the person links to my site and gives me credit I just want the pilfering to stop. I have recently added a Creative Commons license to my blog stating no commercial and no derivative works are permitted.

    The blog in question is and the latest post of mine can be found at the original post on my site is found at

    Your assistance and advice will be greatly appreciated.



    I apologise for not clearly stating my question in the above post.

    My question is can WordPress make this person or persons remove the posts? Do they have the authority to do it? If the answer is yes. Can WordPress stop the person or persons from doing it again?

    Thanks again



    The thieving blog is not at WordPress so, no, wp can’t do anything. But you can. See these search results for starters and you might wish to further search on the word ‘copied.’ Unfortunately, it’s all too common.


    Thanks for your reply and the link.

    The reason I believed it to be a wordpress blog is due to the text at the very bottom right of the page stating “Theme created by Dosh Dosh and powered by WordPress.”

    Is this not correct?


    I have just found an admin email address and have posted off an email requesting they remove all content of mine from their site.

    Hopefully it will be that easy.



    good luck mate



    I hope so too, but I’ve been scraped so often I wouldn’t call it a sure bet.

    “powered by wordpress” means it is a self-hosted blog using wordpress software. See the sticky at the top of the forum re: the difference between and

    I’ll have my fingers crossed for you.


    WOW The posts have been removed

    take a look at this for a speedy response!

    from Nathaniel <(email redacted)>
    to (email redacted),
    date Jan 23, 2008 <b>11:09 PM</b>
    subject Please remove posts

    From Music News and Views
    to Nathaniel <(email redacted)>,
    date Jan 23, 2008 <b>11:16 PM</b>
    subject Re: Please remove posts

    I have removed the post as requested and we will endeavor to not quote from and link to your site in the future, if you do come across any other references please let us know.

    Now thats amazing!


    Dude, this is going to happen again and again, so get yourself set up for it.

    I have a post on the matter.

    What to do if you’re getting as sick and tired as I am of getting your blog copied.

    Once you’re set up, the next time it happens, you won’t have to spend more than a few minutes.



    The amazing thing for me is that within sports blogging, it rarely happens… In the nearly-8-months I’ve been blogging, only happened to me once!



    nitecabbie – congratulations! You had a thief with a conscience.

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