Posts building up How do I archive them????

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    I am wondering how to take a post off the main page but have it still in the archives? So that what is displayed is what has been posted for this month rather than building up and up and up!!!!!


    Posts will automatically be bumped off of the main page as you add new posts, and all posts end up in your archives. What you can do though is to go to settings > reading and change the number of posts you want displayed on the post pages. I typically keep mine set to about 3 to 5. Set it for a number that works for you.



    Manual Internal Category Link

    You’ll need to create a page & manually add the link to the page

    The link is wrote like this

    [ name here/]
    without the ->[]

    Here is a working example.”>

    If you have a space in a category word
    you’ll need to use this – in replacement for the space between the words.

    [ name here/]

    Modified with the –



    I think teck07’s suggestion is overly complicated – the Settings / Reading / “Blog pages show at most” option is probably what you want, as tsp says.

    For a photoblog you might also want to consider the Monotone theme.



    Sorry about it being overly complicated. :(


    That’s too many pictures on the main page because it might slow down the page for people with dial-up. But at least you resized them so the pictures aren’t that heavy to load.


    Thankyou so much will give it all a go….

    As for layouts I have been playing around…do I have to use the designs with wordpress can I import into from other sources? I will eventually pay for layouts with NetRivet


    If you pay for the CSS upgrade and know your way around CSS, then you can use a different theme I believe. You can test it for free before purchasing the upgrade.



    You cannot import themes from other sources here. The best you can do is start from scratch with Sandbox.


    Is it possible to put a list of past posts on the left or right side of the blog? I have more than 11 pages of posts and are getting new visitors to the site and I would like to give them an easy way to find the beginning. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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    You could make an index page. It’s something you have to do by hand, though. Or make it in a text widget.

    Or use the calendar widget: when people hover over a date the titles of posts are visible.

    Or go back and add categories to your most important posts, the you could use a category widget to direct your readers to them.



    It is much appreciated,




    Hey, MdH. Fancy meeting you here.

    I see you sorted that out very well. Do drop me a line any time you get stuck.

    Kind regards from the homeward train from London,



    @marisavanderveen, you can also add the Recent Posts widget. It won’t take your visitors back to the beginning, but it will help them start to find their way around. Otherwise, categories are the most effective way for your readers to find what they are interested in.

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