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posts by email?

  1. Is it possible to set up an email address where blogs could be sent to appear on the page? For example, I use KDE and Korganizer has the option to email my journal events to a given email address. They could easily be parsed and entered into the blog, and would be a handy feature to work into wordpress.

  2. With the full download version this is quite possible. With the WordPress MU version hyere at this is not currently available.


  3. Matt and crew have stated that this feature is listed on their todo list for the future for the site.

  4. I figured it was possible to do with a downloaded version, I have the server with ftp, apache, php, and sql, but mysql is giving me too much of a headache right now to get it configured. I know this is beyond the scope of these forums, but could someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial that would cover enough of the basics of mysql to get me started?


  5. Tutorial for setup/ installation or configuation? Also what platform?

  6. All of the above? I got it install, just having a headache trying to figure out how to configure it and what role it plays. I know many people live by mysql, so I guess one configured, it must be wonderful.

    I'm running linux i386 (debian-based) on the server.

  7. A quick check of shows that the MySQL packages are standard and should be already installed on a typical install. I know my Fedora 3 boxes can with it already in there and didn't require any setup.

    Are you sure you're not trying to install it when it's already in there? To check from a prompt:

    dpkg --list 'mysql*'

  8. It is installed, this particular distro didn't include it by default, but installation thru apt was an option, so it was rather simple. I'm still trying to figure out what it actually does, and how to configure it to work with wordpress (or anything, for that matter :) )

  9. Shouldn't have to do anything to "configure" it. If it's installed and running (change the runlevel to get it started on boot), all you have to do is follow the readme instructions within the wordpress download.

  10. i use flickr to moblog. i just add a pic, send it to flickr, and they automated the blog this feature to my blog at i then edit the moblogs later one once i have access to a computer

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