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Why are my posts disappearing after publishing?

  1. Dozens of times I've written a post, published it, and then come back to the site to find the post completely missing. Not a draft, not in the trash, completely gone. If I save the permalink, the link takes me to a completely different post. Cached posts or twitter feed links take me to a different post as well. This continues to happen and I cannot find a clear reason or solution. I notice it more when I post more than once in a single day. I am not altering the time or scheduling anything for later. Everything is normal, but these posts are just randomly disappearing. I am very frustrated!
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  2. Where exactly are you publishing these posts from?

    Also, do you remember the titles of any of the missing posts?

  3. I'm in Benin, Africa if that makes a difference. Yeah I remember the titles; I even remember the URLs, but when I type them in, it takes me to a different post.

  4. Sorry, I meant are you posting from the Dashboard (also, Visual or HTML editor?), email, or an app like Windows Live Writer or a mobile app?

    As for the posts, can you share the titles so we can try to track them down?

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