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    My posts are disappering. I have saved several that I was in the midst of with the understanding that they would be saved as drafts (under Manage) but they are not there and they cannot be found anywhere? Why is this the case?



    It sounds like you need some back-end help from staff given this post and the other one on not being able to add categories. Mark does read these forum threads so help from staff may be needed. But before you post again here and we “call out the calvary” let’s work systematically through the category issue in your other post, okay? We may be able to solve this without staff involvement so let’s try.



    Try also saving everything you do on Notepad or something like that, just as a backup. I save everything until I see it on the main page.


    This looks like it is a new problem. I was having the same problem today using Mozilla. I was able to write and save my post using IE. I already sent a quick note to Feedback. Sourtherngirlmusings, try using a different browser to see if this helps you post.



    Nah, they’re still there. They’re just not displayed along the top of the Manage -> Posts and Write -> Post pages anymore as some of us (*cough* Sulz *cough*) have hundreds of them. They fill up the header.

    Take a look at the Manage -> Posts page. You have those drop down menus now? Choose the Draft option under the Post Type one and click on the filter key.

    Hope this helps,



    If this poster’s issues are like mine – and I’m having three or four distinct issues, starting yesterday – they’re not in the Drafts queue. They’re just gone.



    Please read this information on the new way “drafts” are being treated



    I am finding that not all my categories are showing up under the “draft” option, even after saving it. Seems weird as one category called “Girl Speak” already shows up on the view main page.
    Not sure what is happening while in Post>Draft> view/edit mode even after reading especially if it’s “post dated” in the future.
    Does any one else know or have this issue as well?


    My permanent posts are disappearing and appearing randomly ( … somestimes one of the posts (2nd from bottom (this is a new site) just vanishes, but leaves the space …

    any suggestions on why this happens?

    Ray hanania
    (email redacted)


    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help you with this. Please report this to staff



    And we never email answers.


    Worse still, posting email addresses here in that form means spam bots will crawl all over them.


    Thanks for your suggestions … but the posts keep disappearing :)

    Ray Hanania
    (email redacted)


    @arabwritersgroup, Ray,

    Have you contacted staff as thistimethisspace suggested? . I think it’s the only way you will get it resolved, and include the following:
    Browser and version
    Operating system
    Your blog URL
    A description of what is happening.

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