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Posts disappeared

  1. Everything I have posted from 12 noon (gmt + 5:30) has disappeared.
    And changes to the design aren't working, at all. And I'm not able to post anything. The word count in the new post box doesn't work either. Is it an internal glitch or is something wrong with my comp? PLZ help...

  2. OK..everything came back on the list of posts on the dashboard for like a minute..before it all disappeared again...

  3. Similar probs.

  4. Similar here also.

  5. Its fluctuating like craZ rite now..the theme changes..then it doesn't..the posts appear then their gone...mayB WordPress is having problems at HQ?

  6. I hope so, as my blog is REALLY playing me up today. Never had probs before.

  7. Ditto. I'm fairly new at this so I thought that I did something wrong..but atleast the posts have.'t completely gone!

  8. Same for me. Preview of new posts does not work right now and says that the post to preview does not exist. Publishing does not work either - after publishing there is no new published post.

    It seems that I lost a new, fully written post for good because I just could not imagine that the system will completely and utterly destroy it...

  9. Hey! Mine have JUST re-appeared. Hooray. (Also the widget prob has correcxted itself).

  10. Don't get too excited! Thats happened to me a couple of times already...doesn't seem to last.

  11. I have similar problems. Posts appear and disappear.

  12. Yea! You're right!

  13. Same here :/

  14. I have this problem with my photos!

  15. pigproductions

    Same problems here.... photos disappearing.. headline too... And disappeared photos are not the same if I log with firefox or explorer....

  16. MY BLOOMING POSTS HAVE AGAIN DISAPPEARED. What on earth is going on?

  17. have same problem. refreshing page sometimes shows posts and sometimes shows empty uncategorized post.
    also the same thing with last comments.
    seems there's something wrong in system then, not just my problem.

  18. Me too. Just spent 30 minutes on a Monday morning post only to find it vanished.

    I'm sure raincoaster will be right along impersonating a staffer to explain everything to us with comments like "clear cookies" and "hit refresh."

    Nothing like seeing a half an hour or work disappear.

  19. I have the same problem new post somtimes appear and sometimes disappear in quit a random way

  20. @ fromtheleft
    That was exactly my reaction when I saw my post disappear like that! But I don't think its gone though..Mine didn't go completely..It popped up once in between and I copied and saved it JIC..Lolz!

  21. xlucidinsanityx,

    I can see my post if I'm logged in, when I log out, it's invisible. Nothing like starting the week off with a bang!

  22. Lolz! Rite on! Though right now, it appears fixed...hope it stays..

  23. is the group account thing..he he..forgot I was logged on there instead of lucidinsanity which is my personal account..

  24. Its still fixed!! Yay!

  25. I reported a similar problem a week ago but did not receive a reply.
    Drafts were disappearing after editing them. And some would accept the edits, but the next time signed in, they would be gone.
    I hope support fixes this soon.

  26. I just copy and pasted this morning's work into a new post and deleted the original one.

    This seems to be the easiest fix. Let's hope there aren't any new surprises.

  27. Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but this issue was caused by a flakey database server in one of our datacenters. Once the problem was identified, the server was removed from production and fixed. This problem only affected a small % of blogs and only some of the time since we have multiple datacenters which store and serve your blogs' contents.

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