Posts disappeared from reader after changing to summary

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    I have a question. I recently switched from offering the full text of my blogs in the feed to only a summary. I then went back to the reader and discovered that all of my past posts are no longer there. Is that normal? I thought they would’ve remained, but as summaries instead.

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s not normal. It looks like your feed validates, so I’m at a loss to imagine what’s going wrong. Have you scheduled any posts recently, rather than posted right away? Have you made any sticky posts? Have you changed themes?


    I haven’t done any of that. I won’t be posting again until Monday morning; I hope it’ll show up. The feed itself is fine. It’s the reader on the homepage that I’m worried about. I had people discover content on my blog through the reader, even weeks after I’d posted content, so I’m a little concerned that they’re not there now :(

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