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Posts Disappeared from Tag Searches

  1. I have searched on and read topics in the forum related to this, but haven't seen a problem like this one presented... So, here is my question/dilemma:

    My posts have been appropriately displayed in the tag searches since I began using WordPress less than a week ago. I have fewer than 12 tags + categories on each of the four posts that I have published thus far.

    I published a new post today at 10:00 AM, and have since noticed that NONE of my posts appear under ANY of the tags that they had previously appeared in. I just noticed this about an hour ago. The last time I checked things out (before posting the new one) was this morning around 9:45 AM.

    In fact, ALL of my posts are missing from ALL appropriate tags now. I did not change anything on any of my posts when publishing the new post this morning.

    My blog can be found at

    Thanks for any help you can offer. It is much appreciated!!

  2. Hi, I hope it's OK to do this, as I'm just trying to get this up to the top of the list. This is still an issue. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Not really, as there are a couple of threads about this on the front page right this minute. Check those.

  4. Thanks - I didn't see those when I re-posted.

  5. No worries. Looks like this is something staff has got to fix.

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