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Posts display in wrong order

  1. Hi, I'm using the "Under the Influence" theme set to the three-column layout (two columns of post content and a right sidebar) and set to display four posts per page, so a 2x2 grid of posts. Sometimes when I add a new post it does not get displayed in the right order relative to the other posts on the page, or knocks older posts into the wrong configuration. For example, right now on my front page ( my latest post is in row 1 column 1, where it should be, then the next-oldest post is row 1 column 2, which is correct, but then below that you'll notice that the post in row 2 column 1 is older than the post in row 2 column 2. You would think that you'd read the posts left to right then go down and read left to right again, not have to read them clockwise. I know this is complicated and hard to describe but hopefully you understand the problem.

    A more obvious example: There are three posts displayed on this page, so why shouldn't the third one which is alone in its row be in column 1 instead of column 2? Why should the lower half of the lefthand column just be a big empty space when the oldest post should go there?

  2. If your posts are not displaying in reverse chronological order (in accord with their date stamps) then you will have to file a support ticket with Staff.

  3. If you go to a post page, the next and last posts are still the right ones. So it's not the posts themselves that are in the wrong order, just something about how they are displayed in the theme.

  4. Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply technical fixes. Only Staff can do that.

  5. OK, I assumed it was a problem with the theme specifically and I'm amazed that it's only ever happened to me. Guess I will have to ask Staff to fix it. Thanks.

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