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Posts do not show tags in Reader. Why?

  1. My last post (today) did not show up in the Reader. This happened last week and it was suggest I repost and trash the first post. I have now done this for my last post and the tags were picked up the second time I posted. I then trashed the first post.
    How can I avoid this happening again? The volunteer who answered my original post said if it happened again Support might take a look.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It makes no sense to trash posts simply because they don't appear in the Topics pages. Thoss pages send a negigible amount of traffic to blogs. It's Google and search engines that send a significant flow of traffic to blogs and when you trash a post you are breaking a link. The last thing any blogger wants to do is break links. Read why here >

    As for your issue, I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. If you are using AdBlock please try disabling it. If you are not using the secure https:// log in please try using it

  3. Oh dear! I forgot to clear my browser. Here's the correct last link

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