posts don’t say who posted them

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    the “posted by” line says just that, nothing more. have i missed something? or is there a problem? either way, how do i get it to say who posted it?



    Go into Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile and make sure you’ve filled it out completly. Also make sure you’ve choosen something under the “Display name publicly as” drop down.

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    I’m having this same problem. We’ve got three administrators on the blog we just set up yesterday, and when we post, it’s not saying which one of us it was. I tried filling it out completely — even using fake info for the AIM number (I don’t use AIM), but it still doesn’t work.

    One difference: we don’t even get a “Posted by” line. Our theme is Andreas09. Would that make a difference?

    I found what was wrong in my case. It was the theme. I have to say I’m surprised that the theme affects the information displayed.



    Um, how else would get displayed? :)

    It’s up to the theme designers really. Some designers don’t like seeing their name displayed on every post like others don’t want the time displayed on when the post is published.

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