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posts don't show consequentially, a few of my latest post don't display

  1. Recently I've noticed that some of my recently published posts just don't display on the main page of my blog. When I charge or refresh my blog, scrolling past my latest post (1..2..3.. narcissus!) I can see for like half a second the previous post charging (something is moving) but then that post, along with other previous 5, are skipped and much older posts are shown. This happens using Safari on two Macs, with my iPad (both in the app and on Safari) and with my iPhone. Today someone left a comment on the very old post that displays in the place of the more recent, so I started to worry about this issue.
    I need to assure you that I did not modify, repost, reblog, nor poked in whatsoever manner with the recent or the older posts, I just post something new consequentially. The posts that aren't shown, are correctly published and visible through my dashboard, where nothing is apparently going on.
    I hope I've been clear enough, thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hell, I'm just a gardener but your post seem to be the solution to my problem because now that I think of it, I've poked with html tags to take the format of word where I copy/pasted the text on my last post, maybe I messed something up. I'll just need some time to decipher your computer language into some donkey language I can understand. Thanks a lot by the way!

  3. You're welcome.
    You don't need to decipher much: you just need suggestion "A" under "What to do". Clicking on the title of each one of your latest posts will show you that the post that messes the layout is this:
    Then you just follow steps 1 and 2.

  4. Done. Solved. Easier that what I've initially thought.
    Thanks a lot again!

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