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Posts don't show up in topics, follower can't see them either

  1. My posts don't show up in topics and followers can't see them either, people can only get to my posts through link reposts on other sites. I read the rules on posting and I'm not overussing tags or anything like that. Please, help! Don't know what to do already. Plus, likes are not available for some reason. My blog:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My posts don't show up in topics too ... I don't know what it's happening... I would like to know what to do :S

  3. I tried to change the theme and it all began to work again. Maybe it'll work for you too.

  4. I had problems with my posts not showing up in the topics by my tags and found if you use more then 10 tags wordpress will ban the posts from the topics so other's can not see them. If this is the case all you have to do is go back a few posts and limit your tags and then add a couple new posts with 10 or less tags (including what menue you put it under like "every day" "Photos". That should help you get seen again i topics.

  5. I am having this same problem. My last post (this morning) had 7 tags total and the post is not showing up anywhere. What is the deal? If I log out of WordPress and use the homepage, go to tags, you can see the post in the old (and better) viewer. But when logged in the post does not appear. I find this new layout very frustrating and traffic to my blog has come to a real crawl since the changes. Not a fan.

  6. Didn't you read what Staff said at the links I posted above? I suggest that you do as this is not going to be reversed.

    We have no plans to change it back at this time.

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