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Posts / Edits not working

  1. This is being worked on right now and should be fixed very soon.

  2. Yup, not working at all. What is going on?

  3. yes not working here too

  4. This is now fixed - all should be good?

    Sorry for it happening.

  5. up and rollin'!!

    thanks! :D

  6. Everything across is kaput (site is up but, format icky)

  7. I have edited my post but when I view my blog it just says "Sorry, but no posts matched your criteria" what is wrong and what should I do? Oh by the way, my calendar doesn't show properly either, just the headline of it.

    Best regards!

  8. thanks! fixed !

  9. still not working for me =(

  10. OK...
    We need to get this ENTIRE site working for evryone.
    It's so intermittent that my eyes are crossing :)

  11. can't see my latest writing on my front page, but if I look into the month it's there.. do I have too change something?

  12. yep, i have lost my image header.... can anyone help? or will this just get fixed on its own if it's part of the general problem?

  13. Image headers can have a number of problems: do a forum search for the term and maybe one of the solutions already posted will help you.

    Looks like this overall problem is solved now? Yes/No?

  14. I'm having problems getting my uploaded images to post to my written posts, as well as the links- and it looks very messy- eeks!

  15. Hi all

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