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posts - entries not showing

  1. I all,

    I'm using Benevolence and since today something strange has happened, I don't know if it's a new bug or something. My sidebar is only showing five posts, while in my reading/options menu I used 12 entries. I've checked and I still have 12 entries chosen, but I'm only able to see the 5 entries. It's sort of strange.

    Any hints?


  2. This is not a bug. It's the way it is. Let me explain please. The maximum number of "Top Posts" displayed is 10 (ten). The maximum numbers for both "Recent Posts" and "Recent Comments" is 5 (five). Everything is as it should be. :)

  3. No, I used to have 12 recent posts displayd and 5 comments as. It has changed now and I didn't do it. ;-)

  4. Let me run that by you again. Although you may set your blog to display 12 posts on the front page that has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of title links the widgets will display in the sidebar in "top posts", "recent posts" or in "recent comments".
    As all data in sidebars is cached, the top posts, most recent posts, and the most recent comments are not displayed immediately. There is a time lag before they appear.
    However, setting that aside, the sidebar widgets are hard coded to display the maximum number of 10 (ten) "Top Posts". And the maximum number of 5 (five) posts for both the "Recent Posts" the and "Recent Comments" widgets. You cannot change this. So if you used to have more than the maximum numbers I gave you above displayed and don't now then there was a problem that staff corrected.

  5. Ok, I went and check the widgets. It seems that at leas in Benevolence I now have 15 tops and 15 last comments as my limit. I don't know id they upgraded it that change has caused the problem I was having. Anyway your hint was helpful timethief, cause I went to check it in the widgets. Thanks.

  6. WOAH! I just opened my widgets and was shocked to find that apparently the maximum number of top posts is now 12 and the others have been raised to 15 just as you state and that I must have missed reading the official announcement. I'm so sorry for misleading you. Please forgive me.

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