Posts from my blog, that are not from me.

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    Hi Guys.

    I just received a post, coming from my blog, but not posted by me.
    It was clearly spam sent to my subscribers from some dude somewhere.
    I couldn’t find a new post on my site, so I pushed the link in the mail, as I wanted answers to where this lead in my blog.
    Turns out, that there was no post. It just seemed like that from the mail.
    And subscribers unsubscribe, because they are not in for “my great offers”.
    Would you have any idea, how this can happen, and how I can make sure it doesn’t happen again?

    Gitte Falkenberg

    PS. I could unsubscribe via Feedburner. Would it be here the problem is? At Feedburner I mean.

    The blog I need help with is


    By the way.
    The link directs me to

    That’s why I’m thinking the problem could be in FeedBurner.
    Any of you guys have experienced this.



    I had a similar thing happen. I posted a real post from my iphone wordpress app yesterday morning, a couple hours later a friend calls me and asks if my latest post is spam, (she’s on my email list). I check my phone app and i see that I have a new post (posted not long after my real post), that I didn’t write, titled “WOW! I started making money finally! LOVE IT!”, the content of the post was just a weird Facebook and imgur link/code

    This morning I went onto my computer to try and login to my wordpress account but my password was reset. I changed the password, but when I looked at my dashboard those spam posts were gone, and when I went to my site, they were gone too…

    The posts are still appearing on my phone in the app because I haven’t updated it, I worry that the app might be the source of these problems…

    Does anyone know what is going on?


    Enthusiyak, I didn’t use my app, so I don’t think it’s an app thing.

    And now you mention it. I had the same thing with my password.
    It didn’t work any more. I had to reset and make a new one.
    Makes me quite uncomfortable, that others can just change our passwords, without us knowing about it :-(



    I am having the same problems. I think I opened this account in maybe 2006, and haven’t really used it since. I recently have gotten emails from saying I was trying to change my password. I finally looked into it (by changing my password and logging in) and I have a full and active blog somehow and it looks like there are even multiple bloggers. It’s postmediacanada… something or other. I just want to remove myself, but I can’t find how to delete my account.

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