Posts have disappeared but pages are ok

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    One of the blogs I maintain ( is currently displaying no posts at all, although 43 posts are still clearly listed in Posts, as accessed within the editing interface. The front end view of the site shows only next page/previous page buttons. Despite this, all other pages within the blog are fine. I’ve made no changes to the site, so can I please clarify if something needs to be reset.


    Dave Wakely

    The blog I need help with is


    I am experiencing this same issue with my blog,, if I go to view my blog I will get the sidebar options but all my front page posts are gone and only the options “older posts” and “newer posts” remain. I can access my posts from the dashboard and can view them in the blog when I click on the link in the dashboard but from the actual site none of my posts are accessible. I am hoping to find some solution here, thanks.


    This has happened to my blog, too:


    Problem solved, I think. :)


    Looks that way for our blog – although I dont see any posts at your own blog. Any further details on the problem, and any ways of avoiding it happening again?


    My posts have vanished also. :(



    And mine as well. Please, help out!



    My posts have vanished in the same way as of of those who have posted this problem.



    I have a number of WP blogs, but one

    has developed the same problem of disappearing posts. Any updates about what is going on and when these will be restored?





    I can see posts on all of the blogs listed above, but I don’t see them on my own blog (, even after clearing my cache.

    Ideas of what’s going on?


    Same thing with mine, hope it gets solved quickly.


    Same here with mine. Looks like we have a common theme (Connections) that’s involved with these blogs with the exception of beautifulimposter’s blog running Black-LetterHead. Here’s mine:


    Same issue happening at (I think also using the Connections theme: not able to check right now).


    Yes, am using the Connections theme too and my posts have disappeared!



    Seems I’ve joined the disappearing posts club, too. :(



    I have joined this elusive club too.



    I am using Connections too, and have the same problem. The problem didn’t arise before I made a ‘Menu’ in order to be able to decide my self the order of the taps my pages are being shown in in the menu bar. I think the problem is, that the blog page with the posts are not actually a ‘page’, but I have to add it to my menu as a page in order to have it shown in my menu. It was not until I did this action that my posts became invisible at my blog front end:



    Have you folks reported your issue and all your details to Staff yet? I’m asking because Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs – only Staff do.


    I’m having the same problem. It started sporadically, and now seems interminable. I’ve notified WordPress so I hope the fix is coming!



    have you reported your issue to Staff?

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