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    My blog posts link to another blog…

    Basically, whenever I post a new blog, instead of the URL being they’re ‘’, which is a different blog of mine that’s out of use.

    It means that, should people click to read more on the front page of the blog, they’re taken to an error page, since the new blog posts obviously don’t exist on the old blog.

    Any suggestions?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I see what you mean. Did you move the posts from your older blog to the new one? When did you first notice this problem?

    I will also tag this post for staff to look at.


    Yesterday there was an issue on new sites where all permalinks were redirected to our signup page. We identified and stopped the bug from affecting new sites. Affected blogs still need to be fixed individually. We are currently working on a script to fix all affected blogs and will post updates on this thread. Thanks for your patience as we sort this all out!



    I have the same problem. I have a new blog that I’ve marked as primary in the personal settings file, but my username links back to a deleted blog with the message “this blog has been deleted by the authors”, instead of linking to the primary blog.

    Is this a part of the issue with the permalinks redirected to the signup page? If so, why is it linking to my old blog?

    PLease help! I’m getting ZERO resolution on this – it would be nice to talk to someone



    BTW, the problem is showing up on another WordPress blog site that I’ve commented on. I see that when I click on my username here in the forum it takes me to the right blog. I’m really confused why this isn’t so with the other wordpress blog site….



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