"Posts I Like" features not working properly

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    First, I just noticed/tested the “Posts I Like” widget on my weblog. That widget should be empty. But for whatever reason it lists only one item, which is currently not found on a page (or 404).

    Second, for awhile, I noticed the dashboard page for “Post I Like” is showing blank/empty, which is NOT true because the “Posts I Like” widget currently lists that one item.

    Also, the usual message is missing: “Nothing to read. Browse our recommended blogs, find your friends, or have a look at Freshly Pressed.”


    The blog I need help with is thebloggingpath.com.



    ADDENDUM (bumping thread): I am requesting an (optional?) view mode for a “list of links” to click on instead of the current view mode using the infinity/scroll via the “https://wordpress.com/#!/read/likes/”, which does NOT match the data/list on the widget of “Post I Like” widget. Please advice.

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