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    Hello. I was curious as to why the Posts I Like widget has stopped updating? Mine has been the same for eight days even though I have liked other posts since then. It used to update right away.


    The blog I need help with is


    18 hours and no response? Some support system you have here..



    Hi realhoopyfrood,

    Thanks for your patience! I just tested the widget and it appears to be working, so we’ll need to dig in a bit to see why it’s not updating for you.

    Please try liking another couple of posts and let me know the links to the posts that you liked, and I’ll take a look to see what may be happening. I’d be curious to see, among other things, if your “Likes” are registering on the posts, and whether the posts are hosted on or elsewhere.


    I have noticed the same problem with my blog.
    The ‘Posts I like’ is not updating.
    Please look into the matter.




    Please provide more details as I requested from realhoopyfrood, and I’ll take a look.


    I just liked a page and suddenly the widget is updated.
    But, I had liked a few days ago but it does not show up.



    @reflectiveponderer, it’s possible that there was a glitch the last time and things didn’t update properly. Please keep an eye on this and if it happens again, please let us know right away with a link to the posts that aren’t showing up.



    Hi, I’m also having this problem. e,g, last night I ‘liked’ these 2 posts, but they haven’t come up on ‘posts I like’.

    thanks for any advice,



    Hi karen7mh,

    I see your likes on both posts. It could be that there was a little delay in between when you clicked Like and when the like appeared.



    Hi Jackie,
    The problem is not that the ‘likes’ don’t show, but that the ‘Posts I Like’ widget on my blog isn’t updating, which seems a problem with the widget?
    thanks for any help on this,



    Hi karen7mh,

    I’m so sorry, I read your post too quickly. :)

    It looks like the Posts I Like widget is working but there’s a delay in updating posts, much like there’s a delay in updating stats. You should see posts you’ve liked show up the following day.

    Since I can’t view a list of posts that you’ve liked to test this, could you keep an eye on it for me and let me know if it’s regularly not working? If you’re still having trouble, it would help to know more specifics: which of your blogs you’re having issues with; the post links (like you shared); when you liked the posts; if none of your recent likes are showing up, or just certain ones.

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