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    Hi everyone, I’ve just finished building my post section in my new blog at

    As you can see all of them show a date other that today, because that’s the time the project was made. The issue starts with the second line of projects, that appear to be in an illogically messed-up order. None of them is marked as sticky. I really have no clue about this.

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Sorry for the trouble. That was due to a bug in the Imbalance 2 theme, which has now been resolved.


    Thanks for your reply! Should I reinstall the theme or something? Because the posts are in the same messed order as before :)



    Hi there,

    No, you don’t need to reinstall the theme. All of your posts appear to be in the correct order to me. Imbalance 2 was designed to display posts in reverse chronological order, which is what I’m seeing on your site.

    Just to confirm — on the second row of: , reading left to right, I see posts dated: July 1 2011, June 15, 2011, June 1, 2011, and April 1, 2011. Is this what you see, too?


    I’m sorry, but I checked the site from multiple devices and multiple browsers (all with clean cache and history) and they’re still in the same illogically messed up order. Here’s how it looks to me:



    I am having the same problem.
    This is my blog.
    Two examples of my order being incorrect is this:
    (from left to right)

    Sept. 26, Sept. 24, Oct. 9, Oct. 7
    Aug. 30, Sept. 2, Sept. 4, Aug. 28.

    Has this been fixed yet? Thank you!!


    @acdlarchitecture: This is what I see on your site. The posts look like they’re in the right order. Is that not correct?

    @elysecanfield: I don’t see any sites associated with your account. Have you moved to a different location?



    The first 4 posts (first row) are in the right order, and they always were. If you check the second row, reading from left to right, they look like this:

    1 june 2011, 1 july 2011, 1 april 2011, 15 june 2011

    as in the picture you posted. The third raw is messed too:

    1 february 2010, 30 january 2011, 1 november 2009, 1 april 2010.

    So just the most recent posts are in correct order, while the past posts are messed up. I checked the site again on another computer running OSX Lion and they still are messed up.
    Is there a way to fix it, in your opinion?


    The thing about this theme is that is relies on jQuery Masonry for post stacking. The reason it’s being used is so that posts will always snap into available space no matter how short or tall post content is (see this example). One of te downsides I’m seeing is that if your post content looks like it’s the same height, there’s no guarantee that Masonry will stack it in a chronological order based on date, which is what you’re noticing on your site. I’m going to have to say “No” to whether this is something we can quickly fix because it’s going to require some testing to make sure that any changes don’t break the way that the theme is intended to work. Sorry for the headaches with this all; it’s definitely a drawback to an otherwise nice setup.


    I resized on purpose all the posts front images to make it look like a grid, and I accurately reposted all the posts from the oldes to the newest but nothing changed.. If you could fix it it would be awesome, but I can imagine it’s not an easy job. Thanks for the reply and concern!




    If you must to display post how you want with this theme, you have to make each box (including the text below the image) exactly the same height.

    I see some of the images are 1px shorter for example (for the one Mensa scolastica e Centro Polifunzionale and Padiglione Svizzero per ExpoMilano 2015) and that is why the posts in the second row appear like that.

    Making each box with all those texts exact the same height every time would be really time consuming and it’s probably better to use other themes because what you are trying to do is not how the theme is designed for.


    @iamtakashi: You’re a good man. :)



    Since the theme works how it’s intended now, I’ll mark this as resolved.


    Everything is working wonderfully now!! Thanks a lot! :D

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