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    Could someone please tell me how to insert a new posts in to a page that isnt your homepage?

    Eagerly waiting a reply

    The blog I need help with is


    Pages are static and sit outside the blog structure. You cannot post to pages. You can accomplish this though and Panos has written a nice post on how to do it using categories.


    Thanks, this sorta helped. But I’m doing this 30 day photo challenge, and Im wondering how i can keep all the photographs that I upload daily in one page instead of the main homepage…Is there any way to do this?



    As it says in that post, just tag or categorize them all something like “30 Day Photo Challenge” and use a custom menu to put that in the header. Then people click on that and get only those posts.


    There isn’t anyway to exclude categories from the main blog page. All posts will show up there. What you can do is to create a static front page for your site (and a “posts” page also if you wish) and then to see your posts, people would click on the category links in the menu.


    Thanks everyone for the help! I just linked the ‘new page’ to the posts on my homepage. So when someone clicks on the first one, it gets linked to the actual post. It sorta works. I hope its not confusing. Could someone please check and let me know?
    Thanks a bunch.



    What you did is you created an index page: a static page that contains links to those posts. That’s ok, but it requires an extra click to get to the posts, and more work on your part to create each link.
    What raincoaster and thesacredpath suggested is: add a “30 day challenge” category to all the relevant posts, then create a custom top menu that will include that category as well as the Home tab and the other static pages. Detailed instructions here:


    Oh that actually makes more sense.
    But i still couldnt get it to work the way I wanted to, I assume my current theme does not support more than one menu… Does that happen? or am i doing something wrong?
    Its so tedious!


    Thanks alot everyone =)



    Most themes support only one top menu, but menu doesn’t mean what you probably think it does. Study my post more carefully please.



    Thanks a lot I also benefited greatly from your experiences

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