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    So I just started up a blog on here today, made some posts and noticed they’re in the wrong order. I know I posted them on the same day, but they should also be in reverse order by time, right? I checked the posts and the times since I posted them are corrected, also neither of them are sticky.

    My blog is
    Thank you for any help!


    The blog I need help with is



    Your posts ought to be displaying in reverse chronological order with the most recent post on top and in accord with the date/timestamps. Have you checked to see if your blog is set to reflect the timezone you live in here? > Dashboard > Setting > General If your haven;t changed this setting then your blog will be on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). If you have set ti correctly we Volunteers answering cannot help you as we do not have backend access to blogs; only staff do and only they can apply technical fixes. This is the message found st the contact Staff link:

    Support is currently closed as staff meet offsite brainstorming ways to make things better. We will be dropping into the forums regularly during the hiatus, and we’ll formally reopen on August 16th.



    alexandersteel, it looks like you may have manually edited the “Publish on” time for the “So here we are post”?

    If you edit the post, you can change the time again.

    (Ignore the parts about setting the time to the future – I’m just using that link to show you the images on it.)



    Ah – or it may have happend “behind your back” when you changed timezone settings, A quirky WordPress “feature” :)

    The fix is still the same. If you edit the publish time of the “So here we are” post, everything should return to normal.

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