Posts, is there a way to sort posts?

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    Posts, is there a way to sort posts?
    I places posts on our web page and want to put them in order of date of events.

    The blog I need help with is


    You will see on our main page that the posts are not in order. Is there a way of putting them in order?



    I went to your blog and your posts are in order. Reverse chronological order to be exact (October 4 first, then October 3 and so on)…

    If that’s not the kind of order you want, please elaborate so that we can offer alternatives, if any.


    Is it possible to manually select the order that post are displayed in?



    In blogs posts are automatically displayed in reverse chronological order. There is no way to automatically reverse that order. If you wish to break the URLs on all your posts which have already been indexed by search engines which will create a “404” (page not found) for all those who use search engines to click through then you can. That’s done by manually editing the date/time stamp on each and every post. I do NOT recommend doing this because the date is part or the URL.

    Edit post – open it – locate the Publish box in the post and edit the date in it.



    The page on my blog is getting very long. How do I shorten the posts (abbreviate) so the reader can look in the category if he/she wants to read the entire post?

    Is there a glossary of terms? Right Stuff? TAG? All the terms used. Thanks.



    We can split content in posts in any theme by inserting “the more tag” into each post where we want the spilt to occur.
    Some themes like Fusion and Inuit Types have the feature of automatically displaying excerpts on the front page.
    In addition there are other ways to split content. See here >

    We can also set the number of posts in any theme that we choose to display on the front page. Dashboard > Settings > Reading
    Look for:
    Blog pages show at most __ posts

    Change the number and then click “Save Changes”



    This is the main link to all support doumentation and there you will find a searchbox you can use. The results will be drawn from both the support documentation and from forum threads. :)

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