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    I have about five posts that are no longer showing up on the site. They are in the back end and still say “published”. Where are they?

    The blog I need help with is




    The most recently published poost I view on your blog is this one:
    Chloramines in Your Drinking Water: The EPA does a Q&A
    Posted on June 18, 2012
    How many posts have you set to display on the front page of your blog > Settings > Reading ?
    What are the titles of the “missing posts”?


    There are five missing posts that used to be between “Water Quality and Beer Brewing: Can Your Water Ruin Your Brew?” and “Ceramic Metal Halides: A New Material Makes Your Garden Glow!”

    The titles of these posts are:
    • “Choosing a Miticide: Don’t Show Up to a Gun Fight With a Knife!!!”
    • “Water Quality: Just Because It’s Clear Doesn’t Mean It’s Clean!”
    • The Life Cycle of a Spider Mite: What You NEED to Know Before Going into Battle!”
    • Studies Suggest Common Pesticides Might Be Responsible For Bee Colony Collapse”
    • “1,000-Year-Old Farming Secrets Could Save The Amazon Rainforest”



    Will you please chack the datestamps on those posts in your dashboard?



    You have an extra closing div tag that’s messing the layout of your main page. You need to do what’s explained here:

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