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Posts missing scheduled post date and time

  1. I checked the board regarding scheduled posts being missed and nothing fixed the problem. I have 2 blogs and the primary blog will post and not miss the scheduled posting. The secondary blog, however, is not posting at the scheduled time and is giving an error message in red 'missed schedule'. Any advice? primary: theafterburnsg; secondary: pressingaboutit. Thanks.
    Blog url:

  2. Would you please try publishing these manually? Also, has this been consistent, or just this once?

  3. akfreedomfighters

    I'm having the identical issue, it's happened now three times. Primary: secondary:

  4. theafterburnsg

    macmanx-This has been consistent. Just posted manually.

  5. Where are you writing the posts? Via Post -> Add New in your blog's Dashboard, or the New Post tab on the main page?

  6. macmanx - I am writing the posts from the dashboard, yes add new.

    Listen, I am doing the same thing on the secondary blog as I am doing on the primary blog. The primary blogs post what I schedule when I schedule it. The secondary blog will not and has an error message in red of "schedule missed". There seems to be a glitch with WordPress on secondary blogs from what I've seen from web searching the problem.

  7. I am also affected by the schedule missed issue and can confirm this.

    On my primary blog the posts go online as scheduled an on the secondary they don't. Just getting a red "schedule missed".

    I tried to trigger /wp-cron.php manually (browser and wget), but that didn't help.

  8. Hi there - thanks for the reports about missed scheduled posts. Our technical team is looking into getting this fixed up. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

  9. Hi,
    I have the same problem, but it ist not the secundary blog. It's the first and one blog. I write no other blogs.


  10. We've put in place a fix to resolve the issue with missed scheduled posts. Please let us know if anyone is still experiencing problems. Thanks!

  11. Seems to work for me. Posts going online as scheduled now.

  12. It works today for me. Thanks for your work.

  13. Glad to hear it. If scheduled posts start acting up again, just let us know.

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