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Posts - newest top to oldest bottom?

  1. Is it possible to arrange the blog posts so that the newest appear on top? I've been looking all over with no luck.

  2. ashleyfd, I think the only way is to change the date and time of the post, but it's a fiddle. I notice quite a few forum posts asking for this feature on posts, comments etc and I put it up as a development idea in the "ideas" section yesterday.

  3. @ashleyfd, the newest posts do always appear on top. The only way this can be changed is if you have marked posts as 'sticky'. But without a link to your blog it is impossible to tell whether this has happened.

  4. the blog is at

    i think you get the jist of what I'm saying... to put the posts in "ascending" rather than "descending order"

    and i checked, neither of the two posts is stickied.

  5. As rosclarke says, posts show up from newest to oldest - that's the way blogs work. Your two posts have the same date, so the one on top was published at a later TIME the same day. You can change that time to reverse the position of the posts (post editor, below the sticky option).

  6. i just changed the date... that works. thank you.

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